The best dyes without ammonia of 2018. Which one should we buy?

If you've reached this page, you are surely looking for a good dye without ammonia. Congratulations, you are on the best page you could find on the net. We have the most complete purchase guide in this regard, with recommendations for the best hair colour without ammonia.

What are the best dyes without ammonia?
As you can imagine, it's difficult to mention which is the best dye without ammonia , because each person has their preferences. However, here we present some brands of different ammonia-free dyes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Tint without ammonia L'Oreal Inoa

L'Oreal Inoa is a permanent dye based on oil and without ammonia , specially formulated for fragile, brittle or hair that does not tolerate the dryness that produces a traditional coloration. By dispensing with ammonia, chemical odors and the possibility of further weakening punished hair are eliminated.

The reflections are natural and achieve a perfect shine and coverage. The hair is hydrated and soft, even with more life than before being dyed. It is not necessary to use additional oils for the mixture because the formula already contains ingredients to protect and care for the cuticle . It has a good level of penetration and resistance to washing. The color remains unchanged for 42 washes.

Does not hurt the hair
Covers gray hair
Its permanent

Does not contain oxygen-rich developer cream. You have to buy it separately.

Buy dye without cheap ammonia: Kolestint
As usual, let us start with an economic option. Thus, you can enjoy a good dye without ammonia even if you do not go through your best economic time. In this case, the best option at a low price is Kolestint .

Kolestint dyes offer a good intensity of color, very resistant to washing, so you can enjoy the tone of your hair for a long time, without having to re-apply it.

It is the type of dye that maintains the color of your hair without changes until the roots begin to grow, at which point you have to use it again. But, for the rest, it is durable and of very high quality, even though it has the lowest price .

However, as you can expect, being the cheapest dye on the list, it has some problems that the following do not have, and that are usually annoying.

The first one is that it is not able to completely cover the gray hair. It will make you the solution, but if your goal is to cover them completely, it is very likely that you need something more than this dye, because, although it is generally good, it is not intended for that job.

The second problem is that it stains clothes too much . It is a very piggy dye to use, and that can make you have to throw some clothes if you are a little clumsy and you drop a little on the blouse.

The above is compensated by the fact that it is a fairly gentle dye, which does not excessively damage the hair. But, obviously, that is not always enough to compensate for the two mentioned problems.

Another interesting aspect is that it has a wide range of colors, and that must be acknowledged. The problem, as already mentioned, is that it is not the most appropriate to cover gray hair in depth.

In short, a pretty good dye for the price you have , and that is the cheapest. If you want a dye that hides 100% gray hair, you will have to choose one of the ones that appear below. But if you want a soft tint that does not damage your hair, and is also cheap, this option is one of the best.

Best dye without ammonia quality-price: L'Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse Permanent Coloration
L'Oreal Paris Sublime Mousse Permanent Coloration is a dye for hair that is presented in the new mousse texture , which greatly facilitates its application because it does not drip and thus avoid stains. It's applied in the same way as a shampoo.

It is a permanent color with full coverage of gray hair that provides a natural and bright color, while taking care of the hair and enhancing its voluptuousness, shine and femininity. The color penetrates perfectly into the capital fiber, even in those darker natural tones. In addition, it has the advantage that it does not wash away , staying intact for weeks.

It does not dry up
It covers the gray hair well
Mousse texture
Low price

Contains ammonia
A pot is not enough for long hair

Buy dye without professional ammonia: Llongueras
And, now, we can go to see an option of a range a little higher than the previous ones. This option is for buyers a little more demanding than the previous ones, as you can see. In this case, we speak, of course, of the Llongueras tints .

Llongueras tints

Llongueras Color Advance dyes are considered, by many, the best dyes in the market. I think that L'Oréal's are better, but for what are we going to cheat, the Llongueras are also very good and very professional.

This dye is easy to apply, and its results are impressive, both in the case that you seek to finish with the gray hair, and in the case that all you want is a change of color.

Something noteworthy of Llongueras dyes (and of all the products of this brand, in fact), is that they carry out a huge amount of scientific research year after year to improve the products that they put on the market.

Precisely because of that, they have managed to create a very wide range of colors, and all the colors have a sublime result , really attractive and interesting, which is very natural and shows good taste.

In addition, its price is affordable, despite the quality it has. That is why it is strongly recommended from practically all professional sectors of the hairdressing field (although it can also be used at home, of course, for this).

En definitiva, si quieres un tinte profesional que puedes utilizar en tu propio hogar sin ningún problema, este tinte es el tuyo. Y, si eres una mujer exigente que solo quiere lo mejor, entonces te recomiendo que optes por la opción de abajo.

Does not hurt the hair
Covers gray hair
Its permanent

High price

The best non-ammonia dye on the market: L'Oréal
We finish, as always, with the best option of the market in our option. Now you can imagine that, being the best option in the market, this ammonia-free dye is more expensive, but it also has higher quality. If you are demanding, this is the option you need. We are talking about the L'Oréal dye.

The real

L'Oréal is considered the best brand of dyes in the market, with a good line of dyes with different characteristics. Perhaps the most remarkable is that of Recital Préférence, but the truth is that they are all very interesting .

The L'Oréal dye is used both to cover gray hair and to change the color of hair. And, in addition, it comes with a good amount of product, which allows covering all the hair without using another pack (something that usually happens with other brands).

In addition, it is a dye that stays very well with the passage of time, achieving a unique color and shine. And, on the other hand, not only does it not damage the hair, but it nourishes it, making it look healthier and healthier.

In short, the best dye in the market, with which you can achieve an enviable appearance, seek to cover gray or change color during a season. And, in addition, its price is not excessively high.

Does not hurt the hair
Covers gray hair
Its permanent

High price


Cause the hair becomes thin | What is the relationship with hair loss / thin hair?

The volume of the hair is small, and it is the cause of what makes each hair one thinner. Actually, this is related to the disorder of the cycle "hair cycle" at which the hair changes.

By shortening the cycle due to disturbance of the

hair cycle, the hair will not grow sufficiently and will remain in a thin state. Therefore, it seems that the volume of the hair is small, and it gets easier to slip out.

So, why does the hair cycle shorten? Let's explain various factors that affect hair cycle.

Nutrition has not reached the scalp

The disorder of eating habits such as drinking-over-eating, excessive drinking of alcohol, etc. is one factor that disturbs the hair cycle. Especially when you continue to eat high-calorie and fatty meals, the blood becomes bad due to the blood becoming stinky, and the nutrients do not reach the scalp.

On the other hand, if you do excessive diet, your nutrition will not reach the scalp and your hair cycle will be disturbed.

Lack of sleep or stress due to disorder of lifestyle

Irregular lifestyle habits such as insufficient sleep and stress cause disorder of autonomic nerves. If the autonomic nervous system is disturbed, the hormonal balance will collapse and the blood flow will deteriorate, and the hair cycle will also be disturbed.

Also, sleep deprivation is an enemy of hair growth. Because growth hormone related to hair growth is actively secreted during sleep, high quality sleep is important for hair growth.

Damage due to wrong shampoo method

The wrong shampoo method also leads to disorder of the hair cycle.

· When washing shampoo, wash goshigi 
· wash powerful · use shampoo with strong stimulus 
· apply shampoo directly to hair without lathering · shampoo 
many times a day

These may cause damage to the scalp. The shampoo method that places a burden on the scalp not only scratches the scalp, but it also causes the scalp environment to deteriorate and disturbs the hair cycle.

From thin hair to thick hair! Recommended hair care measures / lifestyle habits

So, how can you make thin hair thick and stiff and hairy? Let's review our lives and prepare the disorder of the hair cycle.

Do the correct shampoo method

Although shampoo is a strong image to wash away the dirt on the hair, it is originally to keep the scalp clean, promote blood circulation and prepare the scalp environment. Let's rinse thoroughly so that the shampoo used everyday does not drop too much sebum such as amino acid type surfactant mixed, too strong stimulus should be selected and massaged as scalp massage.

Use hair tonic to prepare scalp environment

By using a hair growth agent, we can expect the effect of improving the scalp environment and promoting hair growth. Many hair tonic agents can be purchased at drugstores or pharmacies because they are classified as quasi-drugs. However, there are many kinds, the active ingredients contained are various. Let's focus on the following ingredients.

<Pentadecanoic acid glyceride> It
activates hair cells indispensable for hair growth

<Hinokitiol · 1-menthol>
Antibacterial ingredients for improving scalp problems such as dandruff

<Assembly extract>
Component with blood circulation promoting action

Balanced diet | Essential amino acids · Zinc-rich food taken

If you ingest a well-balanced dietary life or food that is considered good for hair growth, you can expect an effect that the thin hair becomes thicker.

· Fast food 
· Junk food 
· Instant food

If you eat frequently in your diet, nutrition will not spread to the scalp and it will be a big cause of collapsing the hair cycle. From everyday it is important to keep eating habits balanced nutrition. Also, let's take nutrients and foods such as the following which are indispensable for raising healthy hair.

<Amino acid>
Hair consists of protein called keratin. This protein is synthesized from various amino acids, but some of them can not be produced in the body, so we need to supplement them with meals. Let's actively take foods such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, soybean foods etc. which contains a lot of protein.

Zinc is also an indispensable nutrient essential to support synthesis of keratin, the main component of hair. In addition, there is a facilitation to promote metabolism and keep the scalp and hair healthy. Many foods are contained in shellfish, eels, almonds, etc.

Vitamins also promote metabolism of the scalp and have the effect of preparing the scalp environment. Especially, vitamin B also has a role to control the secretion of sebum. In addition, vitamin C supports the absorption of collagen and iron which are indispensable for making thick hair. Let's take food such as tuna · lever · natto · banana · acerola.

It does not stress

In order to gain a volume of healthy hair, you should also try not to stress your life. It is quite difficult to live without receiving stress at all, but it can be solved.

Recommendation is to take light exercise into daily life. Exercise stimulates not only stress but also the blood flow in the body, so it is easy for nutrition to reach the scalp. If you also have other hobbies and live with consciousness of refreshing, stress will not accumulate easily.

Take a good sleep

By ensuring adequate sleeping time, we can promote metabolism and maintain a healthy scalp environment. Once the scalp environment and hair cycle are in place, it will lead to the growth of thick and elastic hair. Growth hormone that promotes the growth of hair is secreted more often during non-REM sleep immediately after sleeping, so let's sleep deeply asleep.

In order to get to a deep sleep as soon as entering the futon it is important to relax the brain. If you enter futon, you should start with what you can do, such as not watching smartphone.

Drinking and refraining from smoking

People who drink or smoke as part of daily life also need attention. Especially in smoking, blood vessels contract due to the action of nicotine, leading to poor circulation of the scalp. In addition, it also takes vitamin C which is a nutrient necessary for hair growth.

Also, excessive drinking is not good for hair growth. Alcohol uses a lot of nutrition when it is broken down in the body. If you use nutrition in your body for alcohol decomposition, you will not reach the scalp, and the growth of your hair will be stalled.

In order to raise a healthy thick hair, it is better to refrain from drinking and smoking.


I explained about the reason why my hair is getting thin in my daily life. In order to lead a thin hair to a thick and healthy hair,

· Care with the right shampoo method 
· Eating well-balanced nutrition 
· Organize lifestyle · Do not 
drink or smoke

It is important to review and work from measures that can be taken.